Negative thoughts can seriously ruin your life and health . I will see this in your Psychic Readings.  

I provide Psychic Readings from only £2.50 for a one question reading . I read for people all over the world , on the phone , by email or through  facebook and I  also sell my own brand of products called Rainbows with delicious aromas. 


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I do sometimes go for psychic readings myself and this is usually when I get a sudden urge and the readings backs up 

what I was seeing and thinking .   

I am a mum of two boys and have a very lively spaniel called Jessie . I have always felt different to other people and spent way too much of my life being bothered what other people thought of me.    I have had a huge realisation in the last two weeks that I have been my own Persecutor my whole life!

What I have been learning about myself in the last 5 years helps me greatly to be able to see what is wrong with clients during my psychic readings and healings .   

My Psychic Readings can make a difference 




 Psychic text readings, Psychic telephone readings,  Psychic email readings and 1 to 1 psychic readings , Remote Aura ,Healing and  House Cleansing.I feel very humbled that I get orders from all over the world. 

My psychic readings have changed people in a good way as I tune into how their thoughts are not helping them . 

Psychic Readings can tune into your life and help lead you down a better path . 

 I never did Psychic Readings when I was with my ex but I had started using Angel Cards and it this connection with the Angels and my love ones in spirit that helped me gain the courage to leave .  I have changed my life with my belief in a higher power, angels and guides . I have turned around the ​way I think from a negative thought pattern to a positive one and one of the songs I always sing as soon as I recognise I am feeling a bit low is 'Always look on the bright side of life "  . It always makes me smile . Teresa Swann Psychic Medium Essential Health in Essex 

Psychic Readings


Many people are scared by pendulums but I often use them in my own psychic readings . 

My Psychic Readings are not just available in England , I do them all over the world . 


Thoughts can ruin your life . In my Psychic Readings , I will pick this up and help you .  

Psychic Readings with Teresa Swann

I provide 1-1 psychic readings in a shop in Benfleet , Essex , called  Essence of Life.   I am also a Wellness Consultant for Doterra Certified Therapeutic oils, which I love and use every day .  You could go to my Doterra page .

Being spiritual to me , means caring about nature and health . For the last 5 years I have been going down the route of natural health and now produce my own all natural lip balms , roll on therapeutic oils and  deodorants available in my on line shop .

I have a facebook page called Essential Health in  Essex . In my spiritual psychic work I can help you see who or what is blocking you in your life . I can help you feel more positive and help you to let go of what no longer serves you .

I left a very abusive psychotic husband and have faced many challenges since with finances and health but I am still smiling. Psychic Readings have changed my life .

I have also learnt to love myself again and I can help you to do this too. I can help with relationship problems with loved ones and friends . I can help you find your true purpose in life and I can reassure you are not going mad , you are seeing and sensing spirit because you are opening up spiritually.

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Many people have commented on that my psychic readings are similar to counselling as I tune into how the client is feeling .