FRANKINCENSE    Good for anxiety, Colitis, Inflammation, Infections Insect/Snake Bites , Scarring , Rumours and Warts 

HELICHRYSUM     Good for Bleeding, Liver Issues, Nerve Damage and Wound Care 

LAVENDER            Good for Abscesses, Anxiety, Allergies, Burns, Conjunctivitis, Inflammation, Tumours, Vertigo, and Wound Care

LEMON                  Good for Anxiety, Electrolyte Balance, Immune Boost, Infections, Lymph Function and Claw Strength

MELISSA                Good for Anxiety, Chronic Cough, Depression, Flu, Herpes and Immune Support. 

OREGANO             Good for Bronchitis, Colds, Infections, MRSA, Ringworm, Strep and Staph

PEPPERMINT        Good for Asthma, Bronchitis, Diarrhea, Fever, Heatstroke, Inflammation, Muscle Pain and Ulcers

ANTI AGING BLEND          for Anxiety, Bleeding, Inflammation, Nerve Damage, Scarring, Tumours and Wound Care 

CALMING BLEND              for Anxiety,Burns, Inflammation and Wound Care 

DETOXIFICATION BLEND for Kidney and Bladder Infections and Liver Support

DIGESTIVE BLEND             for  Allergies, Diarrhea, Digestive Parasites, Ulcers and Vomiting 

GROUNDING BLEND        for Anxiety, Displasia,  Joint Issues add some Lemongrass and Soothing Blend 

MASSAGE BLEND              for Circulatory Issues, Heatstroke and Over worked muscles. 

PROTECTIVE BLEND         for Colds, Flu, Immune Support, MRSA, Oral Health, Parasites and Spider Bites

RESPIRATORY BLEND      for Asthma, Allergies, Colds, Heatstroke and Kennel Cough 

SOOTHING BLEND           for Arthritis , Muscle Cramps and Wound Care 


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Doterra Essential Oils can also be used on animals , especially dogs, cats and horses.

Calming Blend is wonderful for anxiety, muscle tension, calming nerves , excitement , stress , depression, mood swings,fatigue, itching, hyperactivity, teeth grinding, insomnia and aid in sleeping , in animals and humans . Essential Health Benefits

​Do you or a loved one suffer with infertility? Doterra Essential Oils , life changes, supplements, diet changes and natural healings can be of great help and success with out the price tag of private fertility treatment. Infertility is not the curse you are made you think it is . Nature's Health is the best way forward . Natural medicine .  


In the last 4 years I have been on a journey of learning all I can about natural medicine and nature's essential health benefits . I know that many prescribed drugs are extremely dangerous and life threatening . My poor mum was riddled with arthritis and took many tablets , none of which helped her but did contribute greatly to her death . She always said the tablets would kill her and I believe they did . It is not just medicines that have harmful ingredients , many face, hand and body creams have life changing , life threatening ingredients . If my mum was alive now I could help her with essential oils , my scenar machine and vitamins, minerals and reiki.  I am very lucky as a psychic medium , that I can talk to my mum every day and see her . She is no longer in pain .

These wonderful essential oils are pure . People may wonder why they are more expensive than others they see and this is why . The cheap oils are mixed with other oils and may only have 1 or 2 drops of pure oil in a bottle  and they could be mixed with other harmful chemicals to make the smell stronger .  These pure Doterra oils are so pure they can be ingested to aid healing for many illnesses. Essential Health Benefits 

​​​​​I avoid the doctor's as much as I can and always look  toward natural medicine  to treat any health problems I , my family , our dog and friends have .  I have been on many natural health courses and find out a great deal of information on Youtube, about nature's health  .  A few years ago I bought a Scenar machine that has become part of my healing practise and I use it often on my son , my father and me . Alongside this , I have thrown away all my face creams and hand body creams . I use castor, almond or coconut oil on my face , hands and hair . I buy natural shampoo's and use natural henna on my hair .  Last year I started making my own lip balms , vapour rubs and deodorants with beeswax, coconut oil , shea butter , bicarb , zinc and Doterra's  essential oils and I am about to make my own toothpaste with natural ingredients and Doterra's essential oils . I use essential oils every day in my lip balms , diffusing , applying to skin , inhaling and consuming . One of my favourites that I could now not live without is Doterra Peppermint Oil . I inhale Peppermint oil , to be more alert , I rub onto painful areas , I put drops into my mouth for freshening breath and my digestion and will be making toothpaste with it  . I always have a bottle in my bag . I only use good quality oils because some of them can be consumed for healing . During winter 2016 I bought Doterra Oregano oil to add to capsules to give to my son who had flu . I am certain that Doterra's  Oregano antiseptic, antibacterial and natural antibiotic type qualities , helped him to heal quicker .  My work as a Psychic Medium who connects with and talks to spirit every day has helped lead me in the natural direction of healing .   

Essential Oils Health in Essex

Quality Doterra Oregano Essential Oils are antibacterial , antiseptic, antifungal, antiviral and antiparasitic . This quality essential oil can be added to capsules with a carrier oil to dilute it and be ingested . This will treat things such as Candida, Pneumonia, Viral Infections, Intestinal Parasites,Ringworm and so many more illnesses . It can also be diffused to aid respiratory conditions and when diluted can be applied to skin and areas that need treated .  Nature's health in a bottle . Doterra Everyday

Quality Doterra Essential Oil Lavender has calming and relaxing qualities. It can be taken internally for reducing anxious feelings  . It help ease tension.

It can be taken internally for a peaceful sleep. Certified Therapeutic Essential Oils .Nature's Essential Health Benefits 


I  am Teresa Swann a Wellness Advocate  for Doterra and an avid user of these therapeutic essential oils and essential  health benefits . I can offer advice on which oils to use for your health condition, for you, your family and your pets . These oils can change your life as they have changed mine Teresa  0781 1056058 

I am a Psychic Medium and Doterra Essential Oils  Independent Product Consultant  and you can order oils or join the company  through me at

I use Doterra Lavender and Orange essential  oils in my diffuser to help calm my dog and make the house smell lovely too . Essential Health benefits everyday.

Quality Peppermint Essential Oils like Doterra's can help promote healthy digestion , reduce gas , bloating and occasional indigestion. It promotes healthy respiratory function and clear breathing. It is also great for muscle and joint pain. Essential Health Benefits   

Every morning I have apple cider vinegar in my warm water and half a lemon , then I add 1 drop of Doterra Lemon Oil  to it . This improves digestion and cleans your body .