Our thoughts are so powerful and if we had been taught this from birth, we would all be so powerful now and healthy in our own skin 

​In 1987 I stopped taking the pill after one year of marriage and expected to get pregnant .  With all our wages going out on our mortgage and bills we could not really afford to have a baby .   It may have been our thoughts about this that were stopping us having a baby .   Between around 1989 and 1994 we went through many tests and were told we would never have a baby .  In 1994 I started feeling very unwell and the doctor thought I should do a pregnancy test . I was annoyed and insulted by this as he knew of our infertility problem .  I agreed to the test to show him he was wrong .   I did the test and was shocked . I was pregnant .    We had had no treatment for infertility because we were told it was pointless and the hospital would not pay for any .  My first beautiful son was born in 1995 . I then had two misscarriages before his beautiful brother was born in 2000.     

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I believe we became pregnant because we had stopped thinking about trying to have a baby . We were not so stressed , not arguing about it and no longer going for tests .  Our thoughts had changed and that was a big part in us having two sons .  Just like infertility therapy

This was something me and my ex husband suffered with.





In 2019 I enrolled on a course with Marisa Peer and a rapid hypnotherapy technique .     This technique can get to the root of why you are not getting pregnant and free you .   I can give you advice on diet changes and lifestyle changes that can also aid in a healthy pregnancy .   The infertility therapy can be done 1-1 and also by Skype or Zoom which enables me to hypnotise you in your own home or office .  

Infertility affect millions of people around the world. 

It is very possible that you may have turned off your own fertility with your own thoughts . Mad as it may seem , this has been discovered in rapid hypnotherapy before .  I can help you get to the root of your problem and then can help you in the hypnosis .  The recording I will make for you may then greatly help your chances of becoming pregnant .