‚ÄčI am a Psychic Medium, Healer ,Author and believe in Jesus and Aliens . There is a much bigger world out there if you shut your eyes and tune in.

My name is Teresa Swann Born 28/03/1965 on my nan Florence's birthday and Mother's Day . 

I have always believed in Jesus from when I was a small child .  Through my life I have heard many people say there is no God but most people I meet and speak to ,believe in Jesus.  The last few years on my own has been a whirlwind of revelations , meditations, meeting many new people and learning a lot about this world and universe , going to conferences, classes and workshops . Setting up my Etsy shop and my first event .

A couple of years ago during a meditation I met Jesus and spoke to him . It was an extremely emotional moment that I will never forget. I said to him 'Why me' and he replied 'Why not you"  . I suppose I did not believe I was worthy enough to see him but he assured me I was. Since that first meeting I have seen him many times and spoken to him .He is  such a beautiful energy of warmth and love . I started going to a new meditation class and I began to see what others call Aliens or Greys in meditations and other beings.  They always came with love too so did not scare me . They told me ,when I told them how concerned I was for our planet and the people on it , that help is coming . They have been watching those who do much wrong to us and this planet and are as concerned as us .  I was told these evil beings will be removed and other leaders, kinder leaders, put in their places and if they misbehave , they will be removed too . I tell people I meet now , that I know better things are coming , a fairer system , with money shared out , housing for all and good healthcare.  They sometimes look at me like I am mad but that does not bother me . At this most recent meditation group I have become aware that some do not believe Jesus is real or God and I have felt at times I am being mocked for believing in him . I been angered by this and hurt , not that they know yet because I have not told them . They believe there is a huge energy of love and that is how I see Jesus. He may not really look like that but neither do we really . I have seen my soul and it is purple and white We all have a soul that does not look like our human exterior . The spirit of Jesus , the love energy came into that human form , so not to frighten people. It annoys me that my spiritually open friends, who believe in the love energy , aliens, shape  shifters and evil energies cannot see that the love energy came in the shape of Jesus , in that time , he lived. Just like it has come into different other human looking beings before and since. Billions of people around the world are waiting for someone to come . People of different cultures and beliefs believe their God is coming . So many people knowing and believing someone is coming . Not someone to harm us , someone to help.  

As  very sensitive psychic medium , I can feel the energy bubbling like a volcano and soon it will explode. It is already bad so it cannot get much worse. God , I believe has had enough and he asking the forces of love to help us . We are all connected and they know we are suffering at the hands of these evil dictators. I keep seeing a big  foot coming out of the sky stomping on them. So I was very surprised one day watching a video on Youtube by someone called Call for an Uprising , that the beginning of the videos it shows a cartoon  sketch with what I was told would happen and what I see happening . 

In 2015 my life was changing  rapidly I had written a short children"s story . I  had many wonderful experiences of spirit , angels , guides and I have joined a new meditation group . I was invited after meeting a new friend , who thought I would fit into the group . How right he was . I feel I have known them for years . The lovely man whose house it takes place in , I am sure I have met in another life and he feels this too . One weekend my son was being particulary vile to me all day , swearing and calling me foul words . By the evening I had enough . He went out to meet a friend up the shops , I put on the tv and a film was on with Nicole Kidman and Sandra Bullock where they came from a family of witches . I wasnt really watching as I was angry from my sons abuse all day . I was messaging one of my new friends asking if he had any suggestions as it felt like he had been possessed . As I was typing the message out , it suddenly hit me what to do . I got two of my Rose Quartz crystal that are linked to love , went into his room and said "With these crystal I cast a spell of love around this room ". I immediately felt better and then did the same spell in all the rooms . I went into the kitchen to make a mug of tea and my dog followed . She jumped and ran backwards out of the kitchen . I knew someone was there and so did she . I stood still and felt the presence of a tall , all white angel , standing on the landing . I knew he had come to help me . I saw a baby elephant in my son's room that I instantly knew was his animal guide . My son came back from the shops and went into his room and shut the door . The next day I couldnt believe it , I didnt hear him swear once and this carried on for a few days . The beautiful Angel stayed on our landing for two weeks , protecting me from the negative energy . I still go round with my crystals saying the spell . I dont normally do spells , so it was hearing some of the film, that gave me the idea and I knew what to say . I dont know how , the words just came out. I know the spirit world have guided me to meet my new friends and on this night , guided me to watch the film . A week later I was at a barbeque at the meditation house and told a lady about the Angel . She told me he was Archangel Metatron . Another person told me if I was seeing and talking to him , I have gone up to a different level spiritually and all this since parting company with my friend . I feel so blessed .