‚ÄčOn Saturday the 18th July 2015 I woke up with this story unfolding in my mind .I got out of bed and wrote down one of the best children's books.

 My son woke and started talking to me and I said "please wait I have to write this down before I forget it "   This was the day The Girl With The Rainbow In Her Hair was created . 

The colours of Rainbows are the same as the colours of our Chakras showing how we are connected to Mother Earth and the Universe. We are all one . 

The sun always shines again after a storm . 

angelspiritmessages the girl  with the rainbow in her hair

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I have loved the film 'The Wizard of Oz' my whole life and adore the song 'Over The Rainbow '  

Dreams really can come true if you believe . Teresa Swann 

Teresa Swann is the author of The Girl with the Rainbow in Her Hair a children's book and a believer in the magic of Rainbows .

The Girl with a Rainbow in Her Hair

I have changed my life through 

positive thinking and thanking . 

I then started  thinking about finding someone to draw the pictures in my mind and approached a nephew by marriage . He is a very  good artist but did not answer my message . I then posted onto a site called Streetlife and asked if anyone knew ay artists who could help me . One lovely lady contacted me about her son but that did not go much further so I knew it was not meant to be . I then started looking at different publishers sites to find out about illustrators . That led me to a site where I found Christopher Reavey . I sent messages to others but he replied and I went with my gut instinct . Christopher Reavey has created the lovely illustrations for my book .The Girl with the Rainbow in Her Hair  .Teresa Swann  angelspiritmessages  THE GIRL WITH THE RAINBOW IN HER HAIR 


I first heard of this lady soon after my mum died .   Eva has the voice of an Angel bless her  and she is now flying over the Rainbows xx


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angelspiritmessages author 

The Girl with the Rainbow in Her Hair is a positive 24 page colourful  book for toddlers 0-99. The idea behind the story is to help all who read is feel better and inspire them to think better thoughts .

The Girl with the Rainbow in Her Hair could change your life! 

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angelspiritmessages the girl with the rainbow in her hair

In June 2016 I decided to self publish with Balboa Press a branch of Hay House . They wanted to put a blue strip down each page which I did not like . I suggested each page be a different colour like a Rainbow . My book was complete and within weeks it was printed and published .

The Girl With The Rainbow In Her Hair .